Dear Holiday Inn (Breakfast crew)

This is just a little note to say a ‘huge’ thank you to you for taking care of my well being. My ear feels better but still hurts a little.

‘Kindness is your soul’s way of finding a place inside other people’s hearts’

I will always remember your kindness.
Thank you


Your food & services and hospitality is far ahead of Europe,  all excellent

Rex Victoria

We were very impressed with the excellent food & service

Lori Havey

Khayyam is so friendly,  hospitable& takes great pride when working. He is an asset to your establishment

Nashwin Naidh

Great ambiance, food & service

Claire Chalmers

Tuna Potato Hash was fabulous Chef Yatin

English Tarasusan

This restaurant is very much appreciated


Had dinner in the main restaurant, superb Italian buffet with good range of salad, main course and dessert items plus fresh pasta bar; all very well presented. Same restaurant for buffet breakfast was satisfactory but not to the same standard. All hotel staff was pleasant, friendly and attentive.


GEM restaurant staff deserves particular mention for being welcoming and very attentive.

Examiner Uk

Breakfast in the morning at the hotel and food served in the hotel is very good. I love this place, truly a home away from home while traveling and I commend the hotel manager and staff. One of my top hotel choices from all the places I have traveled in the world, well done!


“Staff was top notch specially in gem garden restaurant (Robert with his team) and the breakfast buffet was pretty lavish and child friendly… :)”
The hotel GM need to recognize that these staff did an awesome job and thumbs up on the service!!!!!

Tracy g

“great to come back to”- Nice to be welcomed by name at the reception and breakfast. Always enjoyed staying there. The staff is attentive and always responsive to any eventual request.

Bob K

“Your Christmas brunch, the singing and entertainment for children is excellent. I have been coming here from Oman for 3 past Christmas now”

Dr. Msafiri Mbaga

“Jitendra served very well!”


“Restaurant staff very good. Food excellent.”

Les McLotter

“Excellent service, great food. Portions were huge.”

Beth Celho

“Friendly staff. Nice dinner.”

Chris Hunt

Very good service. Thank you.


“Thank you for taking good care of me!”

Don Wood

“The best thing is the staff as they are really friendly & helpful”

Khaled El Daly

“Food and staff is very good. <3 “

Sushmita, Uma, Aishwarya

“Even on a slow night all workers were very friendly & helpful. Waitresses recommended an excellent selection and were attentive.”

Latoya Miller

“Thank you! Friendly, welcoming staff and delicious food. Thank you for all your hard work.”


“Absolutely wonderful spread of food – all delicious and well presented. Selection was extremely appetizing. Hats off to the chef!!”

Zishan Naeem

“Absolutely wonderful spread of food – all delicious and well presented. Selection was extremely appetizing. Hats off to the chef!!”

Zishan Naeem

“Excellent service. Very friendly staff and very attentive.”

Zane Goforth

One of my favorite restaurants in Dubai is The Gem Garden; It’s located in nice location. It has minimalist list Zen environment perfect for families. It has pleasant ambience. The restaurant’s minimalist Zen styling makes it the ideal dining space any time of the day or night. The food, on the other hand is anything but minimalist with a combination of generous buffets and classic a la carte dishes. I had been for 4 times, my favorite theme night is The Sea Food Night (on Wednesday). The Sea Food Night has a great value. Great food, a wide variety of seafood, for a reasonable cost! I had Iftar buffet also. They served excellent international cuisines for Iftar. Wonderful Customer service. This year they joined with World Food Program (WFP) in its bid to fight hunger. Guests who break their fast at The Gem Garden restaurant this year will have the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped to feed four hungry children with every Iftar.


All the guests’ comments attest the claims The GEM Garden takes pride in.


(source: YADIG Website)

Sultan Mohideen