Freshly squeezed fruit juices

Orange, grapefruit, carrot, watermelon and pineapple

Chilled juices

Apple, cranberry and blueberry

Chilled exotic fruit salad Traditional porridge

Served with hot milk

Selection of dry cereal

Cornflakes, Rice Krispies, All Bran, Coco Pops, Muesli served with hot, cold, full fat, low fat or skimmed milk


Your choice of plain, strawberry, apricot, blueberry or low fat

Basket of oven fresh bakeries

Croissants, Danish pastries and muffins with white or whole wheat toast served with butter, preserves and honey

Two farm eggs, any style

With beef bacon, chicken sausage and hash brown potatoes

Three eggs omelette

With your choice of cheese, smoked turkey breast, tomatoes, mushrooms or herbs

Salmon and eggs

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and chives

Egg white omelette

Scented with truffle oil

Blueberry or raisin pancakes

Served with maple syrup

French toast

Sliced bread dipped in egg and cinnamon

Cheese platter

Selection of continental and oriental cheese

Assortment of cold cuts

Smoked turkey breast, air-dried beef and chicken terrine served with a basket of rolls

Fried calamari

Lightly battered then golden fried served with spicy marinara dip and wasabi mayo

Gharana tartlets

Pastry tartlet filled with chicken tikka, onion and coriander


filled with potato, onion, coriander, yoghurt, mint and tamarind (V)

The Royal Budha spring rolls (V)

Fried crispy rolls filled with vegetables served with sweet chili dip

Smoked salmon

With sour cream and blinis pancakes

Holiday Inn – house special

Seasoned grilled chicken, beef bacon, sliced tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise and fried egg served on a choice of toasted white or brown bread

Steak sandwich

Sliced beef and vegetables with Philadelphia cheese served on a baguette

Prime beef burger

Freshly minced prime beef with cheddar cheese on a grilled sesame bun

Grilled vegetable sandwich (V)

Sliced grilled vegetables with pesto mayonnaise on homemade multigrain bread

Zaatar wrap (V)

Sliced cucumber, tomatoes, Arabic chili paste and garlic sauce wrapped in grilled Arabic bread and served with garlic sauce and Arabic pickles

Spicy shrimps and avocado taco shell

Grilled shrimp, avocado, sweet corn, celery, tomato salsa and cilantro in a taco shell

Creamy hummus chicken wrap

Grilled sliced chicken shish taouk, garlic sauce, hummus, thinly sliced cucumber, sliced apple and chopped mint on soft tortilla bread with Arabic pickles

Tuna sandwich

Tuna mixed with tomato, onions and dressed in mayonnaise on toasted brown bread

(V) – Vegetarian
All sandwiches are served with fresh garden salad or French fries

Spaghetti- tagliatelle- penne- farfalle

Served with a choice of the following sauces:
arrabiatta, pesto, tomato or chili garlic (V)
bolognaise, carbonara

Stuffed ravioli shells Filled with cream dory and shrimp served with creamy sauce Fettuccine Alfredo

Fresh fettuccine noodles smothered in our special Alfredo sauce served with your choice of the following: broccoli, mushroom, shrimp or chicken

(V) – Vegetarian
All pastas are served with a selection of homemade bread and butter

Caprese salad (V)

Italian mozzarella and marinated plum tomato, with fresh basil pesto and extra virgin olive oil served with crusty bruschetta

House salad (V)

Romaine lettuce, mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes and red onion tossed in raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Caesar salad

Fresh romaine lettuce served with croutons and shaved parmesan with your choice of grilled chicken or grilled beef tenderloin

Tossed radicchio salad

With artichoke, roasted pine seeds, dry figs and finely sliced roasted beef

Tuna maki rolls

With watermelon cubes, wasabi dressing and mixed salad

(V) – Vegetarian
All salads are served with a selection of homemade bread and butter

Arabic lentil soup (V)

Served with crispy croutons and lemon wedges

Roasted tomato soup (V)

Served with crispy croutons

Cream of chicken soup

Served with crispy croutons

Seafood chowder

With saffron and pearly barley

All soups are served with a selection of homemade bread and butter

White chocolate berry cheesecake

Raspberry jam, soft cheese, double cream and biscuits

Vanilla crème brulee (A)

With berry compote and sesame brandy snap

Bitter chocolate cake

Flourless chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache served with orange citrus salad


Coffee mascarpone, cream cheese and lady finger biscuit served with chocolate rice crispy

Ice cream (per scoop)

Caramel biscuit, maple syrup and walnut, after dinner mint, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry

Fresh fruit salad

Dressed in mango and fresh passion fruit sauce

Freshly carved seasonal fruit

(A) – Alcohol

Grilled cream dory fillet

Creamy white beans and green lentils served on sliced grilled mixed zucchini, eggplant and baby potatoes

Grilled beef tenderloin

Served with braised shallots, mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and herb butter

Grilled sirloin steak

Grilled sirloin with mashed potatoes served on sliced grilled mixed zucchini, eggplant and herb butter

Braised chicken breast

Marinated with cajun spices

served with grilled polenta and mushroom or bell pepper sauce

Grilled jumbo prawns

With puttanesca sauce, steamed rice and rucola salad

Herb marinated grilled salmon steak

On fennel and orange salad with ginger lime aioli

Slow cooked lamb shank

Served with mint coriander risotto and green lentil salad

All main courses are served with a selection of homemade bread and butter