5 Rules of Business Dinner Etiquettes to Impress Your Corporate Fellows

Corporate culture is said to be very delicate you always remain around. It’s the place where you need to be well mannered, well dressed and well cultured and when it comes to share dining table with your senior executives, clients or bosses, you need to be more careful.

Dining Table

Your dinner etiquettes might not get you the right job, but it can help you leave a remarkable impression on your seniors and clients that can surely bring the long-term bonding with your bosses and prospect clients. Considering the same, here we have brought you the 5 rules of proper dinner etiquette

Here we go…

1. Don’t let others see your damn deep appetite

Since etiquettes is thinking about the other people you are with, you are suggested to stay in contact with surrounded folks rather than focusing on food only. Even if there is proper staff to serve, during dining, can ask your bosses, senior executives to try this and that, focus more on conversation and less on food.

2. Dress in a proper manner

Business Dinner Etiquettes

Your dressing sense talks a lot about your personality so you need to be well dressed. Dress according to the culture of your company, the industry and the kind of work you do. If you have a highly sophisticated profile like a sales head, CEO, team leader or something in a target-driven job then it’s better to be profile. Wear what better describes your profile.

3. Keep your phone on silent mode

Phone on silent mode
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No matter how busy you are and how many calls you attend a day, you can’t let your noisy phone disturb during dining. Picking up phone once or twice throughout the dining period is ok but looking at or keeping it in hands always can leave a negative impression on your other associates. So it’s better to shut its mouth. Don’t take it out in the presence of your congregation.

4. Don’t peep into other’s plate for anything

For an instance, if you want water, napkins, salad, or anything else you don’t have, don’t look into other’s table. It’s better to call the waiter or the person who is serving. Seeing inside other’s plate may make you a little shabby. Whatever you need, just ask the waiters. This is the topmost business dinner etiquette tip. Also, remember that your beverage should be placed on the right side, right above your knife and soup spoon and your bread plate should be on the left side above your fork(s).

5. Don’t let the trouble foods keep you in trouble

If you believe that any of the food is complicated to eat then don’t order it at all. No matter how deeply you are in love with it. Yes, we are talking about the burgers, spaghetti, lobster, finger foods and other foods with lot of sauces.

So next time when you share a dinner table with your corporate folks, follow these tips and shine out with your fabulous dinner etiquettes…

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