The Gem Garden, is an indoor 24 -7 eatery with a mock garden of stones and bamboo decorating the walls. The buffet stations instead of having bottles of lentils and spices are decorated with semi precious stones – of Agate, Amber, Citrine, Amethyst, etc. The philosophy behind the gems, is that just like stones overtime transform themselves with pressure and earthly warmth to become beautiful coloured gems, our raw ingredients get transformed through tender care of our chefs to give to the guests tantalizing, artfully “designed” mouth watering selection of main courses and desserts and served to 5Star standards.”


To ensure that NO guest departs The Gem Garden without being touched by the hues and colours of the Gems of excellence and distinction.


To strive consistently to maintain a focus on exceeding guest expectations in delivering a unique dining experience by ensuring that:

  • The service team remains highly motivated and passionate
  • The cuisine is always delectable and novel
  • The chefs are creative in their offerings
  • The ambience remains upbeat yet serene

So the complete experience in the offering, be it breakfast, lunch or tea, remains as a memory, never to be forgotten


The Gem Garden has assembled an accomplished team to carry out its vision and mission. To strive consistently to maintain a focus on exceeding guest expectations.

Our staff embody the casual yet refined attitude that define The Gem Garden.

“Using quality ingredients, I love to prepare simple good food, with intense flavours, cooked with passion for everyone to enjoy” – Chef Sameh Youssef